Monday, January 3, 2011

Rice Lake Magic (Happy New Decade!)

A new decade is here! The 2000th seams only a few years far... Time flies... A friend of mine told me she hates this time of year: It reminds her on all the things she hasn't accomplished and all she missed and could have done... To me it's the most important time of year!
I was never too religious, except in a brief period of religious reawakening in former Yugoslavia after the colaps of Communism, but even than organized religions didn't quite cut it for me. Spiritual I am - deeply. Especially after I moved to Canada, seeing all those churches on every other corner representing a different shade of interpretation of The Bible just killed it for me. No offense, it's too much of a business like venture! I do respect the fact that people need to gather around some beliefs and that's cool. I personally don't think we all need to belong to a church in order to believe in God, whatever it is. But I deeply believe in universal order with Nature as the main connection to it.
This also got enforced in me after experiencing the natural beauty of British Columbia, and Canada at all. There I feel totally connected with that ultimate power we call God. So this time of year is only a natural progression from an old year with whatever I have accomplished, into a new year as a new chance, new opportunity, and I always feel energized, recharged. I felt the same on Saturday, taking a walk around Rice Lake at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR) near Vancouver, BC.

This is an early form of forest transportation which used to be with running water where loggers would jump in and slide to a lower point. Hop on and enjoy this magical little lake under thin layer of ice...
And... Happy New Year with lots of dreaming!


  1. Nature is beautiful. Loved the pics thanks for sharing. Hugs

  2. Nice shots... what kind of camera do you have? I'm shopping for a new DSLR.

  3. Thanks Joy. All of these shots on my blog are done with my Iphone. I do have two Olympus Evolt cameras though for more professional shooting. I like them a lot, but Canon is great too.