Branislav Vrbaski, artist name Rebel Bran,  is a musician, artist, designer and poet living in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In 2009 Bran released his first album "You and I, 20 years later" in two versions, in English and Serbian available on CD Baby, ITunes and many more online sites. In 2010 the album was selected as the top 10 discovery by For Folk's Sake in the UK. You can view the full list here. In October 2010 Bran released the final version of the album named "Rebel Bran Instrumentations" with only instrumental versions of the songs.

In 2011 Bran had his first performance in Vancouver BC with his newly formed band The Funky Orkestar. The band performed as the featured act for the Vancouver City Limits from Vancouver, BC. On their list were some of the songs from the album as well as some new repertoire they were working on including some new arrangements of traditional songs from Serbia and the Balkans. The band doesn't follow the original set up from the album. Bran's ever growing interest in experimenting with new arrangements had lead to a band set up gravitating around a vibraphone as the featured instrument, bass, acoustic guitar and percussions.

In his new music and arrangements Bran mixes folk elements, pop, jazz, acoustic as well as electro and experimental sounds. He wants to present not only his own songs, but the re-arranged traditional songs from Serbia, the Balkans, and the rest of the music of the Slavs in general. He performs occasionally in Vancouver solo or with the members of his band.

Bran has a long history in creating and performing music. Starting when he was 16 when he first learned to play the guitar, his fascination with the unusual melodies enhanced by heavy back up vocals is still the strongest point in his music. The lyrics are also closely entwined with the melody and have a crucial weight in his creating. He writes and sings in both English and Serbian.

Since 1984 to 1995 before moving to Canada,  Bran worked with his acoustic band Dina. In 1988 he first won an award for best lyrics at an acoustic festival in Serbia, and repeated it in 1995. His band was performing at live shows on several local radio stations, and had a song as a jingle song "Zuti Taksi (Yellow Taxy) on a very popular Studio B radio show in Belgrade for three years.

His album "You and I 20 years later" was featured on a local radio station in his home town Jagodina in 2010.

Presently Bran is building on his ever growing library of songs that contains over 200 titles. He has been working on several projects including new album of re-arranged Serbian music as well as two volumes in series of albums called "Vesna Poems" written on poems of his close friend and poet Vesna Todosijevic from Kragujevac, Serbia. Stay tuned for album release dates...

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