Sunday, September 26, 2010

Perfect Day

In Vancouver you have to act quickly. When you see the sun outisde, you gotta run! If you don't the rain might sneak behind before you put your shoes on!
A perfect day in urban life must be Saturday like yesterday. I was hoping it will be, but it turned out to feel again just like summer. I hung my bike at the back of my jeep and flew to Richmond for a brunch with a friend and his dog Nikkie. Nikkie is a very special dog. She is my weekly shot of unconditional love!

 When she sees me she starts crying in excitement. Her tail is beating hard left and right. She is adorable. It was a hot day for this time of year, so we left her in the house while we went for a brunch.
So she waits...

The usual for me: scrambled eggs with hashbrowns, brown bread. I was missing it so much on my trips to Europe in the last years. I love it because it feels like a home made breakfast from my childhood! Old sentimental fart!
After that we picked up Nikkie ever so excited, she knows where she is going - to her favorite park.

It's along the Fraser River, a 45 minute walk total, lots of dog lovers walked by their four legged masters!
A short stop to her favorite sand pit! Today she was a bit lasy, it was hot and she was looking for shades. Still playful...

That cold shaded grass feels so gooood!

A dip in the puddle from last night is awesome. Wanna join me? - she says.
Oh, here is the old friend too! Looks like he glides over the land now!
There is some audience as well!

The majestic Mount Baker from afar...

We then went for a bike ride along Shell Trail. Nikkie stayed home becase she has a fobia of this tunnel like trail. She is strange that way. We are still trying to figure out what is it exactly that scares her.
I love biking in Richmond. You can go all around the dikes for hours around all Richmond! And, it's all flat!

We got to the river at the end of the trail. The clouds were coming already. They said it would rain but the day was so gorgeous you would never think. But, here it was as usual...
When we got back, Nikkie was thrilled to see us, although we were gone for only 45 minutes. She did her loving ritual with the grass...
She played with her favorite "Interractive Ball". But then she was looking for a bit of lovin'. A back rub.

 Oooooh, it feels soooo gooood!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Fall

It's arrived! The gloomiest day so far this year as far as I remember. The rain is soaking you wet in seconds, it got dark early, it's cold... But I'm not depressed. This is the most creative time of year for me. I'm looking forward to the evenings with raindrops tapping over my roof while I play music, or write this. It's dry inside, it's safe, it's meditative.Rain always reminds me of how I've come a long way: when I was a kid every pair of shoes was full of holes, my feet were always wet. Today they are sometimes wet but it's for fashion! I guess it's not a long way after all...

Drenching rain

Gloomy day

Monday, September 20, 2010


I used to write diaries, essays, everyday thoughts inspired by events, people, and scenery that surrounded me.Life than interrupted all of that for quite some time. I still write songs and poems but never thought of blogs as a form of expression. I guess it's time to start. My blog is primarily about my music, but everything that surrounds me and happens to me or even my friends or family one way or another influences my outlook on music and my inspiration. So I will start writing my day to day thoughts. Just like back than in high school... You can call it just another form of middle age crises, that's ok too.
Today I took a long walk to the skytrain station on my way home from work. I needed fresh air after a stressful day, and like every time it made me feel so much better, recharged! Near my new office is Cambie street bridge on one side overlooking the new Olympic Village, and Science World sphere under renovation still looking space age like, under dramatic gray-blue clouds. I walked by the BC Place stadium under reconstruction of the roof, with some impressive structural mastst holding the cables for the future largerst suspended roof in the world, so they say... Still impressive. A few minutes more and I ended up near the recently completed Woodword building, quite unique in its mixture of old and new. Very artsy. I love it.
Things like that relax me. Daydreaming in its best. Architecture and Nature are my daily dose of dreaming! Like always I took a bunch of photos. They are on my twitter and facebook profiles, so take a look. Maybe you will start daydreaming again...,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tomorrow is the first practice session with my new band member Alex (Alex Milojkovic). I'm really looking forward to it. It took a long time searching for musicians in many places. It so happened Alex lives in my own building! He plays piano, the guitar and sings. Our first intro session went well and I think we can work well together. I hope my first instinct will prove right. I'll keep you posted.
Tonight I was interviewed by an internet radio station show "Behind the Mike". It was great, great people, good questions, it was so much fun! They played my song "Sonny". It was awesome to hear it in that anvironment and knowing that thousands of people are listening!