Monday, September 20, 2010


I used to write diaries, essays, everyday thoughts inspired by events, people, and scenery that surrounded me.Life than interrupted all of that for quite some time. I still write songs and poems but never thought of blogs as a form of expression. I guess it's time to start. My blog is primarily about my music, but everything that surrounds me and happens to me or even my friends or family one way or another influences my outlook on music and my inspiration. So I will start writing my day to day thoughts. Just like back than in high school... You can call it just another form of middle age crises, that's ok too.
Today I took a long walk to the skytrain station on my way home from work. I needed fresh air after a stressful day, and like every time it made me feel so much better, recharged! Near my new office is Cambie street bridge on one side overlooking the new Olympic Village, and Science World sphere under renovation still looking space age like, under dramatic gray-blue clouds. I walked by the BC Place stadium under reconstruction of the roof, with some impressive structural mastst holding the cables for the future largerst suspended roof in the world, so they say... Still impressive. A few minutes more and I ended up near the recently completed Woodword building, quite unique in its mixture of old and new. Very artsy. I love it.
Things like that relax me. Daydreaming in its best. Architecture and Nature are my daily dose of dreaming! Like always I took a bunch of photos. They are on my twitter and facebook profiles, so take a look. Maybe you will start daydreaming again...,

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