Sunday, September 26, 2010

Perfect Day

In Vancouver you have to act quickly. When you see the sun outisde, you gotta run! If you don't the rain might sneak behind before you put your shoes on!
A perfect day in urban life must be Saturday like yesterday. I was hoping it will be, but it turned out to feel again just like summer. I hung my bike at the back of my jeep and flew to Richmond for a brunch with a friend and his dog Nikkie. Nikkie is a very special dog. She is my weekly shot of unconditional love!

 When she sees me she starts crying in excitement. Her tail is beating hard left and right. She is adorable. It was a hot day for this time of year, so we left her in the house while we went for a brunch.
So she waits...

The usual for me: scrambled eggs with hashbrowns, brown bread. I was missing it so much on my trips to Europe in the last years. I love it because it feels like a home made breakfast from my childhood! Old sentimental fart!
After that we picked up Nikkie ever so excited, she knows where she is going - to her favorite park.

It's along the Fraser River, a 45 minute walk total, lots of dog lovers walked by their four legged masters!
A short stop to her favorite sand pit! Today she was a bit lasy, it was hot and she was looking for shades. Still playful...

That cold shaded grass feels so gooood!

A dip in the puddle from last night is awesome. Wanna join me? - she says.
Oh, here is the old friend too! Looks like he glides over the land now!
There is some audience as well!

The majestic Mount Baker from afar...

We then went for a bike ride along Shell Trail. Nikkie stayed home becase she has a fobia of this tunnel like trail. She is strange that way. We are still trying to figure out what is it exactly that scares her.
I love biking in Richmond. You can go all around the dikes for hours around all Richmond! And, it's all flat!

We got to the river at the end of the trail. The clouds were coming already. They said it would rain but the day was so gorgeous you would never think. But, here it was as usual...
When we got back, Nikkie was thrilled to see us, although we were gone for only 45 minutes. She did her loving ritual with the grass...
She played with her favorite "Interractive Ball". But then she was looking for a bit of lovin'. A back rub.

 Oooooh, it feels soooo gooood!


  1. :-)))
    I have a black poodle...but he doesn't like to be photographed. I promised often to post him but the second I turn on my camera he uses to run away and hide somewhere.