Saturday, November 19, 2011

01 Orthodox Intuition

01 Orthodox Intuition

One of my crazy moments. Experimenting with pure intuition in music. No pre-conceived arrangement. No knowledge. No skill in playing the keyboards. Just pure feeling and the moment. The spoken word is used from one of my very first CD-s I bought in Serbia, it's one of the first ever made in Russia. It's a collection of Russian Orthodox music. This part was a "song" with no music. Only the voice of a priest speaking. I find it mesmerizing so I had to through it in the mix. Only after I finished recording I realized this will have to come together with this voice. Somehow, my intuition has this Orthodox Christian sound... I'm still exploring it. I have more to come.

Monday, November 14, 2011

With Hope

With Hope

I'm working on a list of songs for my band and I will post each one as I get it ready. The song you are listening is originally written by Darko Kraljic, a Serbian composer. This song was called Bez Nade (Without Hope) but I rewrote the lyrics as I felt the original is a bit too sad. Here is my lyrics:

With Hope

How many lonely people
How many broken hearts
Are lost without love
I wonder?

Not so long ago
We were part of
The story that would
never end...

The night has fallen
In my arms
You're sound asleep

Your face in peace
My heart in bliss
All over you

Looking at all those years behind
And all the years ahead
There's nothing I can see
But us together
Life is really simple
With your hand in mine
Your heart in mine
My life has hope

The night has fallen
In my arms
You're sound asleep...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Jacky and Saki

I was digging through some old crap I should have got rid of long ago, and came across my old essays, journals, and term works from the Vancouver Community College where I attended College Prep English classes after I moved to Canada. When I moved to Canada in 1995 i didn't speak any English except some very basic sentences. They put me in an Intermediate Level class so I had lots of catching up to do, and there I started my journey. The College Prep classes started after about a year of basic stuff. Now when I read them they seem so funny and naive so I decided to share it with you so you can have a chuckle.

"Jacky and Sacky (now I know this should have been spelled Saki)

Jacky and Sacky were the best friends that I ever had (ah that drama!), even though they were very different in character. One distant freezing winter in my childhood, in a morning dressed in frost, when icy brunches crack under the gusts of wind, two black scared eyes curiously stared at me from the shadow of a carton box on my veranda, shivering and waiting for my reaction. (Obviously I was getting into writing  really seriously!). At my friendly approach the eyes responded by letting out the rest of the black-gray hair of the body, slowly, step by step, in a big hesitation, as if that small, but robust body of a dog had been beaten by men too many times. Those eyes caught me forever because they talked. While he was walking up to me, still trembling, they begged me to allow that miserable appearance to stay in the quiet and the warmth  of the house, and they were promising, too. What they promised me that morning I fully understood the same afternoon when a visitor came. At first, Jacky waited to see if the man would just pass by or if he will try to enter the veranda. As he showed the latter, from a seemingly indifferent, dreamy little doggy, Jacky transformed into a frightening gigantic monster all over the place.
Jacky never bit. But no stranger ever entered the house. And he had an incredible hate toward wheels too. No matter how many cars or bikes would pass in a day, all of them had to experience Jacky's madness. He would run with all his might directly into a wheel, hysterically keeping his barking cheeks to the tire, after which the car would speed up and disappear with its tail between its legs. Jacky would always come home trotting after the job well done.Only once he went sadly back to the house. After two years of my abandoning him, because we had to move to a condo that my family could finally afford, I was riding my bike through the former neighborhood. While I was approaching the house and thinking if I would see Jacky, he launched off the gate and ran into the wheels of my bike. Although I was quite disturbed I called his name. The first time he missed it, but the second he stopped, looked straight into my eyes, and recognized me! What I saw was a real exhilaration. He did everything that he used to do when he greeted me after school or every time if he hadn't seen me for a while. He jumped, ran in circles, took my hands with his jaws, licked me, all with uncontrolled sounds of happiness. And that was the last time that I left him. The last that I saw him too. It was to sad to be repeated.
Sacky was an even more incredible dog. Even though you could hardly guess her breed like Jacky's, she was surprisingly smart. But, she was eager to learn, while Jacky was an independent, almost obstinate dog. A reason for that could be that she was no more than a three week old pup when my mother found her lost on a street. Jacky was a mature dog who chose his owners by himself. However, just after we met, Sacky caught my attention by instantly bringing back a small thrown ball. She learned very fast all ordinary, useful things while living in a house with a yard. Jacky was never allowed into the house, but he hadn't have any interest in that. Sacky was quite a lady. If the door was closed, she would call me to let her out, and also she would knock to let her in. While Jacky had hunted for the wheels, Sacky was a much better hunter for mice and rats than any of the neighbor's cats. She would share with me every one of her successes in hunting (which admittedly, was not necessary). Oh, if only Jacky had done that with the cars! I can't remember I ever played with Jacky, but Sacky loved to play. She even had her toys. With one of them, she trained me to join in with her - it was a small blue hedgehog with a whistle. Her catching a ball became developed to the extreme of doing that with her front paws. She even new how to sing! She had learned that while I was tuning my guitar with a whistle. You should have seen the expression on her face while she was trying to mimic the sounds. It was an expression of a person absorbed in the effort. Every time that she spent sleeping, I watched her face and I knew she was dreaming. Then I could always see the face of Jacky in his carton box - they both had personality. But, contrary to Jacky, she was never in a rage. She was friendly to all people and all of them loved her. She never hated cars, not even when one had hit her and injured her leg. But her fate was similar. I had to leave her as I moved to a different city. Once more she proved how incredible she was. It happened after a year, when I moved back to my town. One morning I found her in the shed with twelve new born pups. She had escaped from my friend where I had left her miles away, came to give birth, and after a short time she left.
I knew then that she had matured for she had made her first decision, as Jacky had done it long before. I knew too, that I will never have a dog again if I have to leave them."

And that was apparently supposed to be a comparison exercise...

Till next time
Your RB