Monday, November 14, 2011

With Hope

With Hope

I'm working on a list of songs for my band and I will post each one as I get it ready. The song you are listening is originally written by Darko Kraljic, a Serbian composer. This song was called Bez Nade (Without Hope) but I rewrote the lyrics as I felt the original is a bit too sad. Here is my lyrics:

With Hope

How many lonely people
How many broken hearts
Are lost without love
I wonder?

Not so long ago
We were part of
The story that would
never end...

The night has fallen
In my arms
You're sound asleep

Your face in peace
My heart in bliss
All over you

Looking at all those years behind
And all the years ahead
There's nothing I can see
But us together
Life is really simple
With your hand in mine
Your heart in mine
My life has hope

The night has fallen
In my arms
You're sound asleep...

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