Friday, October 1, 2010

Status Symbols

It still floors me how many people are stuck with these symbols, like today talking with a couple people I met. They really believe that they are better then others if they live downtown or in so called "elite" areas, and suburbs are low and by definition not worthy. I guess they think so because the society labeled those areas as "elite"! They also believe that their salaries give them the rights and power above others, and more than anything they identify themselves with the brands of their cars and stuff they buy! I wish I could just close my eyes and ears when I see this. I feel like screaming you ignorant superficial bastards! But, I won't because I'm polite. I mean, it's ok to be successful and be paid well, and have a good car and house and stuff, but please, that doesn't make you better people. There I said it. Judge me.

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