Thursday, January 6, 2011

Minnekhada Sleeping (Merry Orthodox Christmas!)

My Christmas lights are still on! According to the Orthodox Christian Religion, Christ was born on January 07. and under that impression I was living for over 30 years back in former Yugoslavia. The Catholic half of that now non existing country was celebrating it as you know on December 25. My confusion and a mild resentment toward both churches was even than present. I mean, how can that be? How is that possible that the two churches couldn't agree on the date of Christ's birth? The only answer I came up with was: for political reasons! And now, if the two churches are still wondering why they are losing on the number of followers, perhaps they should start with this!

However, I love Christmas lights, so ever since I moved to Canada, I commemorate both! It's happier that way. But my God is somewhere else: in Nature. There is only one God that speaks through Nature and that's the one I follow. And It does not care about birth dates!

I found It again walking through a park in Port Coquitlam, BC (part of Vancouver, BC - practically in the city, as many...): In Minnekhada Regional Park, around Minnekhada Lodge, where the marsh and a pond were asleep in a frozen embrace, while the Sun was brushing their hair over the tree tops....

We walked from a dry parking lot downhill for about quarter mile to the frozen lake, through a hollow about less than 10 feet in elevation difference, but in there everything was frozen! Above, at the tree tops, you could see the Sun rays brushing the tops half way down the tree trunks - and than: frost magic!

The ice was about 3 inches thick, but in some areas, where it was thinner, when a skater was passing over it, you could hear ominious sound as if a steel wire was vibrating through the air...

In the shade, all is frosty - the sunny side dry and warm!

Simply: Magic!

Abstraction of grass, frost and ice!

I feel like touching it...

Above the level of ice - Spring!

3 inches of ice 
Amazing textures


The deers around the Minnekhada Lodge were alert. Or is that frozen?

No comment...

Don't you feel it?

The Milky Way?

My way?

The way?

This is hard to describe...

Merry Natural Christmas! Love ya all!

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