Friday, April 13, 2012

Realistic Abstractions

Walking Iona... There is so many musicians in this city, so much good music. Alas, most of it will never make it. It will never reach the wider audience. The American Idol is great, educational even for older people who are still trying to give voice. The top five are close to marvelous. The top one is simply spectacular, most of the time. But what about all those very good ones, great ones, extremely unique, truly different, but less than spectacular? TV and the big music labels make it look like nothing less is going to cut it. Should we all give up and stop creating?

There is this teenage sensation movie out "The Hunger Games". On the day of release a news cast said: "The movie industry has become corporate. In the past, the movies are made for the Oscars. Today it's all about what makes money". At about the same time I was told by a friend who worked in the industry for 20 years,  that it started collapsing when the labels became corporate. In the past it was more about the music. The labels would take an artist under their wings and prepare it to fly.

Today, they expect the artist to do all the promo work, to build an audience, to have a perfect product, and be spectacular. Somebody on the news said they are saving tones of money that way. They come and scoop the rest. Not only the labels, but the promo companies, the licencing companies, everybody else.

Internet is revolutionizing our lives. In many ways is great. However, it appears it's creating this mentality that everything can be acquired for free. The book publishing companies are disappearing, the DVDs are not selling, the video stores are gone,  the CD manufacturing is in a huge decline. The bits of music are equal to nothing. You get it, you listen, you forget. You get the next ones. Free.

All the talent, inspiration, skill, time for creating, crafting, refining, producing, coming up with the money to record it is nobodies concern anymore. I want it, and I get it, and I don't give a shit. The albums are chopped off in pieces, nobody cares about it as a whole anymore, as a complete art piece. The internet is butchering the art of music creation. It helps in many ways too, but the question is HOW and when this all is going to end?

Everybody is a photographer today. A video producer. A promoter. Before the internet you had to deal with only your immediate surrounding. You had an illusion that there is bigger chances to make it in any creative artistic area, and this was pushing you to do something. It was still extremely hard though. Now it seems even harder. We are all competing on a global level. Sure, here and there we see these talents going viral. Many are giving up before they even consider whether they have something to offer or not.  I wonder what final culprit this virus will bring?

We expose every detail of our lives for a few likes. We need to feel unique, special, worth living. We will give everything for free for one listen, one share. It's kinda sad isn't it? On the other side, if it wasn't for this internet social revolution, most of our lives would be even more miserable. Where is the trade off line?

Walking Iona still... The steel garden means nothing from the distance. When you walk over and through it, it reveals a quiet beauty that needs to be captured, framed, memorized. There is this enormous blob of indie music boiling and screaming to be heard. It means mostly nothing to the giants of the music industry. They are too high above.

Nature is a refuge from all of it. The colourful details of beauty. I walk and pay attention. Observe, respect, love. It gives me peace of mind. It balances my frustrations. It makes sense. No matter what, it's all about creating. Whether somebody decides to do something with it, likes it or not, appreciates it, ultimately it should not matter. The process is what counts, if it makes us happy.

A Hollywood actress once said on Jay Leno:"We are chosen by God to do this". I couldn't believe my ears, so I replayed it over and over again. What arrogance. No wonder the kids are killing themselves for not seeing the purpose of being alive and living average, seemingly meaningless lives. The success is measured by how much money one makes. It's not that she is the best actress ever, there is many more talented ones that will never get a chance to make it Hollywood big. Yet, the pool of average everyday people is craving to give their own sweaty pennies to the ones that were heavily promoted on the most powerful manipulation tool - TV.

The overlaid paints are calming me down. Make me wonder what could the passing time say about this bunch of trailers that look abandoned. I always feel the past was slower pace, less stressful, more meaningful. It definitely wasn't as much about profit as today. Long ago, when I was a way bigger dreamer than today, my sister would tell me how evil Profit is as a concept. I could not understand, nor I really cared much. Now I feel terrified for the new generations. What will the world they are going to live in look like?

In many ways I don't feel I belong here, in this system. It took me a long time to build this small circle of trusting and understanding friends. With others I often get in conflict for my different ideas, for voicing them, for not auto correcting myself to please everybody, as this I find impossible. What I feel connected with is this metal, the rust, the details of passing time, and the very send and grass they are planted in. That's why I walk...

Now I'm not sure I would feel I belong back in Serbia either. That is the nature of leaving your roots and starting all over again. The system  itself, local and global,  is faulty in most ways. The nature and some of the built environment, the beauty of it is what makes me happy and content. And my very precious circle of friends and family. I hope the rust will some day take over me and plant me to this land...

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