Friday, April 15, 2011

The Oval

After more than a year after this building was built in Richmond BC (Greater Vancouver), I finally got to visit it a few weeks ago. Understandably, I was impressed, but it also felt great that I was working at the company that design it. I didn't have the oportunity to work on this particular project, but nevertheless, it felt special. This is one of my favorite buildings in Vancouver. It already won numerous awards throughout the world. It proved that poeticism in architecture is crucial in making memorable, meaningfull buildings. The idea for the design was based on the wings of bird heron, common in this area. The desing also incorporates native american motifs, and an ingenious use of wood in the structure of the roof, wood that would otherwise be lost (beetle infastation of North American forests). It's a building that makes it inspirational to be in the architectural field.

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