Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Story about Children Of The Night

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A friend accross the ocean has asked me to write about this song.

It's a simple love song I wrote many years ago about no particular person. It was one summer evening, I can still feel the breeze coming from the balcony into my haven room. The day was very hot, the sunset spectacular, the evening refreshing and inspiring, the night full of starts. In my writing I wanted to express this happiness at that simple  moment with an imaginary person, when everything feels right, just the way it should be, when everyone who is listening would give their own face to that person. Later it turned, the imaginary person actually became real.

Every time I think about it the view of that evening is filled by my soulmate Vesna (translated from Russian - means The Spring).

Some years after I wrote the song I went to Beograd to study Architecture, and there I met one of my life long friends Vesna. She had (and still has) a voice of a divine being I'm convinced, and with it she touched me profoundly. My voice touched her all the same, and ever since, we live as one and the same soul. Literally. We still finish each other's sentences, we think about each other at the same time and often write emails at the same time, we know when the other is feeling down or having trouble. The telepathic connection between us has long become common, and does not surprise us.

We sung this song together many times, and only with her the song is truly complete. In fact, many of my songs are more complete with her voice. My original hope for the album was to have her sing all back up vocals. Unfortunately, it didn't work, but I still haven't given up the idea. The life got hard on her and she hardly ever sings anymore, but I know if we had some time together back there, she would be back to her old self.

This song is about this soulful connection that is most meaningful yet the simplest and most unconditional one there is - the friendship. With Vesna long ago I realized, and every day it's been confirmed over and over again, that the only lasting relationship in life is friendship.

Everything else comes -  and burns out...

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  1. I am stunned.

    Such moments as you describe are rare; when they occur they are something to look back upon and cherish – never to be forgotten. Although you long for them again you know that if they came too often their meaningfulness would begin to be loss among the common place.

    I have a friend, Carl; we have been friends for almost 20 years. When he calls I know he is on the end of the ‘phone before I pick it up. He is a musician, he used to play piano with an orchestra before becoming a teacher. He teachers art as well. He is very talented artistically while I have a more scientific mind. I used to sing but can’t anymore. I got throat cancer and surgery altered my vocal chords; I was told I wasn’t to sing anymore. I began to learn the piano but I’m not very good. Wish I was because I love music.

    Having gone through such an unbelievably hard year I whole heartedly agree that true friendship is the only thing that matters. No matter what, it is my friends who have been there for me. Family is important but friends don’t have to stay around, they just do. My friends are my constant support and to me they are worth more than all the riches in the world. Like I say on my Twitter bio – my friends are the best.

    Thanks for the post, the photographs, the music.

    Christina the Warrior Princess